Asian Health Literacy Association proudly present a yearly conference for author and reader

The participants pay the conference fee and present their works (oral or poster) at the conference (onsite or online). Their abstract will be published on the Airiti Library, with independent DOI number which is citable (


Here we provide the example of SAMPLE ABSTRACT submission [download]


after submission, please email the DECLARATION FORM FOR ACCEPTED ABSTRACT [download] to


# Manuscript Submission:


- Structured abstract

-- Content of the abstract is divided into labelled sections and these are all in uppercase font followed by a colon

-- Font type and size - Calibri, 12

- Word Count

-- Not more than 500 words

- Authors

-- List the authors’s surname first followed by the initial of his or her first name and
middle name

-- Use a comma after every last name and between authors’ names

-- Do not use authors’ credentials/professional titles

-- Use italics

-- Underline the name of the presentor

more detailed, can be seen in this attachment: download here

Have Question? please reach us with our representative:

# Rebecca Sun 

# Connie Chang

# Sri Handayani


Call for Abstracts

  • Important Dates and Deadlines:
  1. Abstract submission opens from 1st April 2022 to 15th August 2022, 23:59 GMT+8. Once the abstract is received, it is considered a final version and will undergo review. No changes can be made.
  2. Notice of abstract acceptance/rejection: 31th August 2022, 23:59 GMT+8 (TBC)
  3. At least one presenting author of an accepted abstract should register and complete the full payment before 30 September. 2022, 23:59 GMT+8, in order to be included in the Program.
  • By submitting the abstract, you agree and will be responsible for:
  1. The abstract will be published in the electronic version of the Abstract Supplement for the 8th AHLA International Health Literacy Conference.
  2. Ensuring that all co-authors have agreed to be listed on the abstract.
  3. Your abstract will not be edited. You are responsible for any spelling, grammatical and typographical errors.
  4. Please note that the Program Committee reserves the right to decide on the final presentation format.
  • Abstract Types:
    1. Workshop (training workshop for learning objectives, 2 hours).
    2. Symposia (1 featured presentation + 2-3 scientific presentations + discussion, 60-90 minutes).
    3. Oral presentation
    4. Poster presentation
  • Research Topics:
  1. Health literacy and quality of healthcare services
  2. Health literacy during and beyond pandemics
  3. Health literacy and social resilience
  4. Health literacy by the people and the public
  5. Creation of health literacy for the patients
  6. Health literacy and aging society
  7. Health literacy for NCDs
  8. Health literacy for modern medical technology
  9. Digital health literacy throughout the life course
  10. Climate changes with enhanced health literacy
  11. Health literacy services for migrants
  12. AI / technology use in health literacy
  13. Health literacy and social welfare services
  14. Health communication with health literacy
  15. Infodemics, health information systems and health literacy
  16. Health literacy in schools and educational contexts
  17. Health literacy in childhood and adolescents
  18. Health literacy for better medication
  19. Health literacy and environmental settings
  20. Health literate organizations in practice
  21. Health literacy capacity to foster clinical practices
  22. Patients’ needs for health literacy
  23. Health literacy and health care systems